Creativity is a very important component of life. Even those who aren’t inclined to the arts use creativity in their daily lives. For those who ARE inclined towards the arts, creativity is something that is organic but needs to be cultivated in order to sustain it.

It isn’t something that you can just shelve and expect to be in the same caliber three months from now. Creativity and arts is something that you need to work at. When you were a child, it was simpler. There were after-school programs and even summer school courses that you could take. What options do adults have now?

Back then? Not a lot. However, times have certainly changed! There are now summer school options for adults! Now the questions might be: why go to summer school? Well, if you aren’t aware, there are massive benefits that come with it! Here are a few:

Specialized Courses

Depending on the summer school you go to, they’ll have a lot of different courses that you can choose from. Much like summer school when you were young, you get to choose from the milieu. What’s different is that your parents don’t make the decisions (one of the perks of adulting).

You can check out the website of the summer school you’re looking at to see a list of options.

Learning from World Class Instructors

Artistic summer schools normally invite experts in their particular fields to facilitate and oversee specialized courses. Learning from regular instructors is already a treat in itself—but learning from established maestros in their field is on a whole different level.

Holistic Development

A lot of summer schools now realize that when an artist is looking for growth, it’s not just about their skills as performers. Growth also refers to the person and their well-being. The summer courses at Dartington Summer School make sure to include meditative and other well-being activities.

Activities like Yoga or Tai Chi Qigong are incorporated into the program to ensure that every aspect of the artist is stimulated for positive growth.

These are only just a few of the benefits that anyone can get from a summer school course. So what are you waiting for? Find out that works for you and sign up!

Who says this is Just for Kids: the Benefits of Artistic Summer School