Are you all signed up and counting down the days until your Summer School experience? Not so fast! Are you certain that you’ve got everything you need? Today, we discuss what you may want to bring along with you!

First of all, it would be important to remind yourself of:

  • The location of the Summer School
  • What kind of Summer School it is
  • How long the duration is

These will help to narrow down what you’ll need to bring. Here is why each is important:


The location of the Summer School is important as it automatically should give you an idea of the weather or topographic details. If it’s in the desert, it would be important to pack:

  • Cool clothing
  • Water thermos (to keep your cold drink cold)
  • Bandanas or hair ties
  • Sunblock
  • Anti-mosquito cream

If it’s somewhere that’s cold, it would be important to pack:

  • Extra blankets
  • Your own electric kettle (if one is not provided in the room)
  • Your personal stash of tea or coffee
  • Alarm clock (to stay on schedule)

Type of School

If you’re going to a business focused summer school, leave your music instruments at home. Bring tools that will help you maximize your experience and learning. At the same time, if you’re going to an artistic school, bring your personal instruments or brushes.


The duration will tell you ow many changes of clothing you’ll need to bring. If there are any special events, bring clothing appropriate for it.


If you’ve already considered all that, here are a few things that you should remember to bring:

  • Toiletries
  • Towels (if you’re comfy using the ones provided)
  • Closet organizer
  • Laundry bag (if the place has a designated laundry place)
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Camera
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Personal mediation
  • Chargers
  • Flip-flops (if the showering situation is communal)
  • Your documentation (enrollment docs/IDs)

These are only some of what you should definitely bring. If you believe that there are more, feel free to bring them along—provided that the school gives its approval. It would be prudent for you to get in touch with a representative of the school and ask them for a list of things that aren’t allowed. That will make things a lot simpler for you.

What to Bring to Your Summer School Accommodations!