Last time, we discussed the benefits of attending a summer school program! Summer School courses—particularly those that are specialized toward artists—need to be perused carefully. After all, like all things in life, you need to be smart about your money and your time.

You can always earn more money but time is precious. Before you sign up for a summer school, it is important that you make sure that everything is above board and is a good fit. Today, we discuss what to look for in a Summer School!


There is nothing worse that people who try to take advantage of people who want to better themselves. These shysters are everywhere—touting world class instruction and stellar accommodation. However, there are a lot of reports of people paying all the fees and showing up to the place only to find that they have been scammed.

As such, it is important that you ensure that the school you’re looking at is legitimate. You can do that by checking the accredited centers list.


If you do find that the school you’re looking at is legitimate, it is now important to determine if it is a good fit for you. There would be no sense in enrolling in a program that you have absolutely no interest in. We’re all for experimentation—however—it should be done in less formal places. Summer Schools are great places for growth if you pursue a craft or course that is aligned with your tastes and pursuits.

Don’t waste your opportunity in enriching the talents you already have by going after something you might be interested in.


Everyone’s experiences in unique. They might go to the same place or undergo the same course and come away with completely different experiences. The same thing goes for restaurants or movies. In Summer Schools, if the feedback or reviews are far too polarized, you may be looking at a place that isn’t very good.

Ideally, most reviews will either be positive or outright negative. Count the numbers of each side and build your opinion about the School then.

With this, it’s time to look back at the Summer School you’re interested in. Have you looked at it using the pointers above?

Not All Are the Same: What to Look for in a Summer School