At Dartingon Summer School, we have a number of revolving courses that you can choose from. We have activities which benefit musicians and singers in a plethora of ways. Not only do we provide avenues for creative growth, there is much focus on wellness and personal growth as well.

Courses usually last around a week. As courses may change from year to year, read on to find an example of the various courses we’ve had. This will help you build a bit of an idea of what we offer.

Conducting, String Orchestra and Chamber Music, Carmen and the Pirates of Penzance, Tango and Samba

This course benefits those that are more inclined toward theater performances and theater music. We often have George Vass come in to conduct and facilitate this course’s one-week progression.

There will be vocal masterclass to benefit singers. There is an open advance course regarding Bizet’s Carmen. You will have the chance to rehearse in a choir. This course isn’t just for singers. Those who want to be conductors will get a chance to study under Sian Edwards.

Singers and instrumentalists get to try their hand at pre-existing Piazolla arrangements and have the freedom to try their own take about it. There are various instrument-focused activities to benefit those that want to sharpen their skills.

There will be masterclasses and workshops specifically for piano, violin, cello, and accordion. There are also early morning classes that are designed to teach meditation.

If you have any questions about our other courses, feel free to message us at